Noughty & Nourishing

We are a husband & wife team. I have a background in working for non for profit organisations in Early Childhood Education & Disability sectors.  Throughout my working life I have always had interest in well being & health, especially nutrition.  I saw  how eating healthy, nutritious food could have positive impact on an individual's overall health. 


In late 2016, I moved to Perth with my husband, who works in a health service department. Moving here was a great opportunity to combine my passion of eating healthy food & baking. This led to creating Noughty (nothing naughty) & Nourishing, healthier options for treats that we all love to indulge in.

This is a photo of Lois (the owner of Nought and Norishing and her husband Bhav.

I discovered that Perth had limited options for healthy treats compared to other cities in Australia. I found that most available options did not use good quality ingredients, instead used premix ingredients which contained preservatives,  additives, refined vegetable oils or high levels of sugar.

My inspiration is to provide nutrient dense healthy treats to sustain and satisfy hunger.  All my products are handmade and free from refined sugar, gluten and dairy.  Our nourishing, nutrient dense cupcakes, brownies, slices and bliss bites are made with coconut oil or olive oil and are sweetened with either fruit, vegetables, honey, organic coconut sugar or pure maple syrup.  They do not contain soy, rice, potato starch or margarine. We only use free range eggs and minimal processing is used to help maintain the quality of our products. We cater for individual dietary preferences and also offer Keto, Nut free & Paleo options. All our treats are freezer friendly, making them a convenient lunch box snack for children and adults. 

I look forward to sharing my passion for healthy treats with you.