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Our Story

Welcome to Noughty (nothing naughty) and Nourishing, your source for healthy delicious treats packed full of wholefoods!

In 2016, N&N was created by combining my passion  for eating healthy food and baking.  I believe everyone should have access to delicious healthy treats. My approach is to provide wholesome nourishing options for those with food intolerances, so they can have their cake and eat it too!  

I have always had an interest in health and wellbeing, especially nutrition. Learning from my personal experiences with digestive issues I understand the importance of healthy eating. Nutritious food can have a positive impact on our overall health, after all “Food  is Medicine!”

My nutrient dense brownies, cakes, cookies, cupcakes and slices are designed to satisfy hungry tummies. My treats are dairy, gluten and refined sugar free.* All my products are handmade by me using minimal processing to help maintain the quality of the natural ingredients.  I don't use any premixes, seed/refined vegetable oils, margarine, soy, rice,  potato starch, or grains.

Our treats are not only delicious,  they are packed with essential vitamins & minerals, perfect for anyone who wants to fuel their body with goodness.  When it comes to food, I believe it's not just about what tastes good, but also what makes you feel good!

Lois xx

*Please note I source my raw ingredients from reputable suppliers, however they may contain traces of allergens. 

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